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Adult Bouncy Castle Hire – It’s Not Just For Kids!


It is a common and widespread notion that the bouncy castles are only meant for kids and cannot be rented for adult parties. It is true that most of the York based bouncy castle hire agencies offer castles only for kids parties. However, there are few agencies, like ourselves, that offer inflatable castles for adult gatherings as well.

Technical difference

Normally, a 3.6 meter wide and long jumping castle is best suited for kids’ parties. But for adult parties, at least 4 or 5 meter increase in both width and length is imperative. In fact, some of the bouncy castle hire York agencies do not have the ability to provide these bigger bouncy castles.

Types of adult parties where jumping castles are rented

Corporate gathering: If you are planning to organize a corporate party or something, the best way to entertain your employees and clients in a fun way. This way, you can soothe the serious ambience of the party and make your party attendants interact with each other amidst fun and frolic.

Student gatherings: Imagine a convocation seminar of a university where after conferring all the certificates and maintaining all the good manners, the fleeting students are allowed to mingle with each other. What better than a bouncy castle to help them regain their childhood tomfooleries? Bouncy castle hire agencies offer bigger castles for these student gatherings.

Weddings: Wedding ceremonies are crowded with adults who have gathered there for finding some fun and enjoyment. Summer wedding parties are the best occasions to hire adult jumping castles.

Fundraising programs: The best way to raise funds is to conduct an event where people can be engaged in a comprehensive manner. Pop shows can be arranged, dance performance can be staged and adults can be engaged in fun activities. Many jumping castle hire agencies offer both kids and adult castles for wedding parties.

Village fetes: These castles are also hired for village fetes where a lot of adult village dwellers gather and they just love to ride on these adult castles.

Concerned safety issues

As soon as you come across any safety issue, you should inform the bouncy castle hire York agency from whom you took the bouncy castle on rent. Many spurious agencies offer kids castles for adult parties. Only look for agencies that are covered under public liability insurance. These agencies generally illustrate religious adherence to the quality standards and if you opt for a similar agency, your adult party can be well-secured. Finding a similar agency is easy. Just go on the web, visit websites and check whether the agency has a PIPA certification and whether it is registered with BIHA (British Inflatable Hirers Alliance)

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